Agatha muceniece mastering pole dancing

Агата Муцениеце осваивает танцы у шеста The actress just three months ago became a mother. Agatha muceniece showed the fans what successes have been achieved in Pole dance. Subscribers were pleasantly surprised by the skills of the stars of the series “Closed school”.

      Агата Муцениеце осваивает танцы у шеста

      Three months ago, a popular actress Agata muceniece and her husband Paul Priluchny became parents for the second time. The artist presented her husband with a lovely daughter MIA. Despite maternal care, star of TV series “Closed school” not only manages to educate their heirs, but do not forget to look after themselves.

      Apparently, the actress returned to sports. Muceniece hones skills on the pole. Agatha decided to show his fans some achievements in Pole dance classes. A young mother published a photo, which performs a very effective element. Followers celebrities are not left without attention to such efforts of the star and praised her skills.

      “Complex element, by the way, very painful to do! Iacocca, you’re a big lad!”, “Well done! Because it’s very painful,” “Agatha, you’re beautiful” – came to the delight of many fans of the star of the television series.

      Агата Муцениеце осваивает танцы у шеста

      Subscribers also could not help but note how quickly the actress has recovered after childbirth. Not long ago, the young mother admitted that because of the constant hassle at home, she did not have enough time to do them. Now that little MIA is a little older, Agatha can afford to spare a few hours. Unlike many stars, who never miss a chance to boast that they lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly attend training, muceniece not flaunt their training in the gym. That is why many fans of the skills of the actress became the present surprise.

      “Caught my first balance after childbirth! How hard it is to raise your excess weight! The funny thing is that the top is already thin, and the legs remained. I really hope that not for long. And the weird thing is that the scales are still treacherous show extra four pounds! But press happy,” wrote Agata a month ago.

      However, children of the actress considered her very beautiful, no matter how it looked. Three-year-old Timothy regularly makes mommy a compliment. Muceniece proudly talks about the nice words that she hears from the son.

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