Назван актер, который сыграет клоуна в экранизации «Оно» по Кингу

Actor with a very interesting and unusual appearance will poulter (“We — Miller”), who previously predicted the role in the film adaptation of Stephen king’s novel “It”, refused to participate in the project.

In his place, the producers have already found a worthy replacement. Clown named Pennywise played by bill Skarsgard.

According to Variety, initially the role was to be given to the older candidate, but at the last moment there was a preference for 25-year-old star of “Divergent”.

Note that a future horror film promises to tickle nerves even of the most inveterate fans of this genre. The producer of the upcoming film shared with the press details of making the film and noted that while viewing it on the body goose bumps will run herds: “We only get a tax break from the state of California and hope to start filming towards the end of the year. Gary Doberman wrote the last version of the script in close collaboration with Andres, Moschetti, said Roy Lee. — Adaptation of “It”, as planned, will be divided into two paintings. We try to adapt as close as possible to the original, but still the movies and the book are different from each other. In the first part we will cover the events from the point of view of children, and the second from the perspective of already grown-up heroes”.

A Director of the new “It” assigned to the Creator of the horror film Mama Andres, Mosketti. I will assume that some unexpected and frightening things, we certainly guaranteed.

Recall, the novel of Stephen king’s “It” came out in 1986. This book is about seven friends, faced with a dangerous creature that can change shape. The events unfolded in two periods — in the late 1950s and in the mid-1980s. In 1990, based on the novel “It” was filmed a two-part TV movie in which the main role was performed by Tim Curry.


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