Kate moss was also beaten johnny Depp

Кейт Мосс была также избита Джонни Деппом

Amber heard tried to make it so that now it is still legal husband johnny Depp instead of our usual nickname “pirate” received the title of “tyrant”.

A series of publications snapshot with bruises and wounds on the face, Hurd was trying to prove that she was often subjected to domestic violence from the spouse star. Mostly it was when Depp has too much to drink.

Despite the fact that most members of the Hollywood crowd, including former civil wife, johnny Vanessa Paradis, insisted that the actor does not inflict any harm to the woman, today, there is evidence that he still cannot always answer for their actions.

It turned out that supermodel Kate moss was also once beaten by Depp.

The relationship of johnny and Kate happened in the early 90s. Then they both just started their way to glory. Depp and moss were temperamental and passionate, because often quarrel, but not the t, well at least hot put up. A novel pair ended unexpectedly. During the next scandal Depp, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, hit the moss. The incident occurred at the hotel, so the staff had to intervene. Say they wanted to call the police, but without panic. The actor paid a fine hotel for disorderly conduct in the amount of 10 thousand dollars and publicly apologized to her friend. Kate forgave and confessed her love for him.

How do you think Depp is really the home of a tyrant?

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