Том Хэнкс напишет книгу

Astronomy Hollywood actor Tom Hanks sat down to write my first book. According to the magazine NME, it will consist of 17 short stories that the artist himself came to typing. In fact, on machines – each Novella will be printed on one of the hundred available in the collection of a Volume machine.

The collection called “Uncommon Type: Some Stories” will be published in October this year. In a small statement That said he began working on stories in 2015.
“In recent years, I’ve worked on stories. I was in Berlin, new York, Budapest, Atlanta.. And there in hotels I did not stop working. I wrote them on the plane, at home, in the office. When I had a tight schedule and I wrote at night and in the morning,” — said Hanks.
Publicist Sonya Mehta, in which Hanks will release his book, said he first heard about the upcoming book two years ago in new York and was amazed at the syllable Tom and his ability to play with words. He hopes that this book will be the first in the start Hanks as a writer, and predicts his success in this field.