Дональду и Мелании Трамп предрекают развод

Thanks to Donald Trump and his wife Melania have acquired a new status – the status of the first lady of the country. But as far as she was needed, is another question.

The previously smiling and happy life of Melania on the background of recent events (referring to the election trump President of the United States) is significantly “blown away” and the public began increasingly to appear in a bad mood, with dull eyes.

Find out what’s happening with the first lady hastened the British newspaper the Mirror.

Citing experts, the newspaper stated that the family trump’s big problem, which most likely was caused by the presidential race and ambitions of Donald. “Melania visibly droops when Donald touches her in public outlets, wanting to cheer up — it turns out the opposite effect. It is evident that the couple have cooled to each other and, it seems, wants only one thing — the divorce,” said an expert on body language Judy James in an interview.

Note that you don’t even need to be an expert to see it. Netizens have drawn attention to the coldness in the relationship of Donald and Melania during the inauguration: the background of the shining spouses Trump Obama looked tired and looked at each other without interest.