Olga Buzova was first told about the divorce

Ольга Бузова впервые рассказала о разводе

Divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov from the moment it learned the General public, said all except the spouses themselves. In the New year’s eve TV star and the football player put an end to your marriage and officially become each other’s ex.

Today, for the first few months, Olga found the strength to talk about how she was going through this difficult period. According to Buzova, at some point she even needed medical help because she could not pull myself together and cope with the situation: “Even now, though since our separation from her husband it’s been four months, not all can speak freely. Start to remember, and I said in a trembling voice, the tears flow. The blow was powerful, and I was not ready for it. It is clear that many are taking it, but I now talk about themselves, and we all think that our love is the strongest and our pain is the most unbearable. I was sure that getting married once in a lifetime. And on 3 February would have been six years since we together. But in early October, all of a sudden, literally in one day, even one minute, it’s all over. Came up to big health problems — even had to lay under droppers. I was so hurt that I couldn’t walk, talk, I was completely lost and didn’t understand what was happening to me.”

Mother of Olga, Irina, talking about the divorce with her daughter was initiated by Tarasov.

That was the starting point in this case Irina says. But the woman admits that is not the last place in all this took a financial issue. Think about the insincerity of feelings to Olga Tarasova Irina made a marriage contract, which insisted so Dimitri: “Then all became clear. Alas, just for me. A man who earns millions, marries a popular working girl in advance and stipulates that she will never have. What are we talking about? I am the daughter warned, but heard in response: “I love him, I don’t need money””.