Tom Hanks admitted that brought him to the diabetes

Том Хэнкс признался, что довело его до диабета
Hollywood actor told how he acquired a serious illness.

Том Хэнкс признался, что довело его до диабета

Tom Hanks

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Radio Times interview with Tom Hanks decided on a Frank admission. Hollywood actor, devoted husband of Rita Wilson
and the father of four children, spoke for the first time that
exactly, in his opinion, was the cause of his severe illness —

It turned out that
Tom blames acquired disease their unhealthy diet. “I was a complete idiot!
I belong to the laziest generation of Americans, we just had fun, not thinking about the consequences. We do not
cares about health and is now reaping the fruits of their own folly!” —
admitted Hanks. Now, as the actor explained, he bitterly regrets that in
youth absolutely not watched “that fell to him in the stomach.”

The actor said,
and how the first time treated lightly the fact that noticeably stout.
“I thought that the situation can be corrected by the absence of top buns on my
the regular cheeseburger…” — with a smile recalls the actor. Recall that in 2013
Hanks was diagnosed with type II diabetes. However, doctors encouraged Thomas:
despite the fact that the disease is considered incurable, the situation may
to change for the better if the actor will be able to lose weight.

the life of an actor in addition to various kinds of problems, yet there are nice moments. So, on
recently it became known that the owner of two “Oscars” will soon be rated
the title of Chevalier of the French Legion of honor. Hanks will be honored with this
awards for its efforts to draw public attention to the heroism of the soldiers in
The second world War. On account of the actor has several films on the subject.
TV shows — “band of Brothers” and “Pacific ocean”, in which he acted
as a producer. As well as the film “Saving private Ryan” where Tom got
the major role.

Tom Hanks in the movie “Saving private Ryan”

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