Том Круз мечтает спрыгнуть с Эйфелевой башни
The actor admitted that he is afraid to do stunts.

Том Круз мечтает спрыгнуть с Эйфелевой башни

Tom Cruise


Tom cruise, appeared in Paris at the premiere of the sixth part of the franchise
“Mission impossible: Implications”,
made a strong impression on fans. 56-year-old actor was
immaculate and looked much younger than his age. Besides,
posing for a photo in front of the Eiffel tower, Cruz said, putting her hand:
“Here there, I would like to jump with a parachute!”

In the process of filming her new movie Cruz, who
fundamentally performs all his own stunts, has done more dangerous things. For example, he was hanging on the flying wing
in the sky of the plane and jumping from it with a 30-kilometrovoj the height. But the most risky and require careful preparation
the scene was the helicopter, where he was a pilot.

“It was a very complicated, just a unique moment. I was prepared for it more
year. I had to learn is to fly a helicopter. In fact I had
to be sure that you are in full control of his movement in the air, because I had to fly past the cliffs literally
few feet, so as to revolve the propeller blades don’t hurt the rocks!” —
said Cruz. The actor made pretty nervous and race on a motorcycle through Paris, because
That was even without a helmet. Cruz admitted that he was scared when the car
raced at breakneck speed straight for him. “I knew just don’t have the right to
mistake to fall I can’t…” he told Tom. He was very glad that at that time there were no incidents.

It’s a shame that the injury he received on the set of this film
occurred during the most difficult stunt scenes. Tom had to run across rooftops, jumping one building to another that he did
more than once. But the actor missed: not doprygnul
to the nearest roof and with full force hit the wall, breaking his ankle. Because of this, the shooting had to be interrupted for a few weeks. Fortunately, the crews managed in an accelerated mode to heal
his injury and return to the site.

A scene from the movie “Mission: impossible-Implications”

Photo: Central Partnership