Юрий Лоза прокомментировал уход Верки Сердючки со сцены
“The girl was old,” — said the musician.

Verka Serduchka

Yuri Loza, chief judge celebrities
who are in the center of the scandal, could not remain indifferent, knowing that
Verka Serduchka stops concert activity.

According to the musician, living
under the motto “the world must know my opinion about everything”, “girl become old”,
“25 years — enough to ensure that the image has been completely used
so much so that it is difficult to find new colors”.

“Verka Serduchka was built on the grotesque. Any
the grotesque quickly bored if there is no beautiful melody
beautiful texts that you want to listen many times. It is time to close” —
said the musician an interview with REN TV.

It turned out, the Ukrainian artist did not warn its
environment that Verka Serduchka is living its last year.

“To Andrew refused from the image of Verka
Serduchka from the environment of the artist nobody knows about it.
What motives must be to abandon the image of Verka Serduchka? It
finish our activities,” — said the RT Manager of the artist Igor
Turchinsky. In his opinion, “bury” Verka prematurely.

Yesterday Andrew
Danylko announced that it has decided to stop using the image that brought
he’s a celebrity. After a farewell concert Serduchka will go to the final
tour. “Under the farewell tour means big tour — a
thank you to those people who gave me, a boy from Poltava, who lived
in the annexe, where the Wallpaper wrapped, the ability to provide for themselves
financially, to live on Khreschatyk and, in principle, not to work,”
said the musician.