Tom cruise leaving Scientology

Том Круз уходит из саентологии

In the news even more difficult to believe than to messages about pregnancy Eva Longoria, Kate Middleton and Jennifer aniston together ,however, the Western media broke out with headlines about Tom cruise (Oh, Gods) out of Scientology.

According to statements of informants who spoke with representatives of OK! magazine, 53-year-old actor, who recently had plastic surgery, “knots” with this religion because of a new passion.

As stated in the article, the new girlfriend Cruz – Annabelle Wallis – gave him an ultimatum: she’s ready to move their relationship to a new level, if he leaves the ranks of Scientologists.

“Annabelle really likes Tom and she wants to spend more time with him. But she’s not a Scientologist and she sees herself as a supporter of this doctrine,” says an insider.

“Annabel has inspired Tom to revise their religious views. He always did what was pleasing to the Church, not realizing what a negative impact it is having. Annabelle managed to shake him and make him think about leaving the Church,” added the informant.

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