Хелен Миррен сыграет в восьмом «Форсаже»

The dream of a British actress Helen Mirren about how to join the racing franchise “fast and furious” has come true.

As it became known today from foreign sources, the star of “fast and Furious”, the producer and mastermind VIN Diesel made an offer to Helen and she agreed. However put one condition that Diesel has promised to perform.

As stated by the actress, she always liked to drive. “I said, “I will take part in this, but only if I was allowed to drive if I’m really gonna drive.” But we’ll see. We’ll see how it will happen,” said Mirren.

Recall that in addition to Helen, Diesel and familiar commands in the “fast & Furious 8” will be Charlize Theron. The Oscar-winning star will play the role of the villain, which street racers and fans of muscle cars will try to stop.

Continue shooting “fast and Furious” are in progress now.

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