Together again: Anfisa Chekhov met with the husband

Снова вместе: Анфиса Чехова встретилась с мужем
TV presenter has published a fresh family photo.

Photo: Instagram

Looks like fans can breathe easy: Anfisa Chekhov for the first time published in a personal blog sharing a photo with her husband, Guram Bablishvili. Recently Guram and Solomon, the son of the couple, returned from Sunny Georgia, where he spent two whole months. And if Solik didn’t disappear from Instagram to your mom, Guram was not in it for almost six months!

Funny, but this fact at the time made fans of the couple begin to worry. Before and Anfisa and Guram almost every day to write about their love on social networks and then suddenly disappeared from the pages of each other. Anfisa went to rest in the company of a friend, began to appear at events with other men. Guram spent time with his son and even went to Morocco alone!

Chekhova every day asking questions about what happened between her and Guram. Is this the perfect couple on the verge of divorce? Anfisa direct questions not answered on provocation didn’t give in. Said only that Guram with my son in Georgia, and it is not suitable for such a hot climate, so it remained in Moscow.

Even more suspicious was the fact that in the days after returning Bablishvili in Moscow, the presenter visited the law office of Cathy Gordon, where presumably communicate with specialists in divorce cases.

But almost all of doubt dispelled the long-awaited joint the family Chekhova-Bablishvili. It Anfisa and Guram Solik look very happy. Contrary to their habits Anfisa was limited to a short comment to the photo: “Group “Curls”!”

The word “group” sounds very promising. So anyway they are together. Fans greeted the family with a reunion and wished them a long life. It remains only to wait for the usual declarations of love pair in the Network, and you can safely move on.