Natalia Rudova has caused a stir in the Network

Наталья Рудова вызвала ажиотаж в Сети
The star of “Univer”, resting on the ocean, has demonstrated a perfect shape in a bikini.

Natalia Rudova


Just a day racy photos 34-year-old Natalia Employment, which recently
went to rest in warmer climes, has received more than 120 thousand “likes” in
the social network. Admirers of beauty and talent of Natalia, looking at her image in
petite swimsuit (small waist, ample bosom), left hundreds of responses
not sparing of epithets: “the Queen!”, “Gorgeous!”, “Stylish!”…

really looks perfect. And how she did it, Natalia
before leaving on vacation told “7 Days” in detail. The actress frankly said that she is usually unhappy with how it looks, because it strives for perfection, and in this way “there is always work to do”. For example,
Rudova is not dieting, occasionally allows himself something delicious and nutritious. “I am alive
people: can get better for a size, but then I take myself in hand and
return the old form,” she says.

And yet, a certain order in food Natalia observes: “I Try
to adhere to a separate food, eat five times a day in small portions and drink
at least 1.5 litres of clean water. I’m generally a teetotaler”.

And the actress three times in a week
be sure to come to the gym to one hour to devote to strength training, and
the second cardio. She says: “I’m a big
lazy, but the desire to be always young and beautiful to me stronger than laziness.
So go and suffer”. But how many idlers on a work?! “Filming on the road I work out alone,
— said “7 D” Rudova. — I have a stepper, barbell and dumbbell 4 kg”.

How Natalia Rudova
refers to injection and Spa treatments, what complexes she had
to fight, and also one of gynocratic she believes her ideal, read