Todorenko traded travel on a musical career

Тодоренко променяла путешествия на музыкальную карьеру

Leading “eagle and tails” recorded a solo album.

That Regina todorenko, she sings really well known for a long time. We all remember as the host of “the eagle and tails” was cast in the fourth season of the show “the Voice.” Since then, she occasionally pleases his fans with new songs.

And now they have plucked so much that Todorenko decided to record… your first solo album! Today, 2 December, she presented a record called “Fire” and a new video for the same song.

According to the artist, this album became a kind of summary of what happened in the life of the singer during the world tour. The album, “Fire” includes 13 songs, among which the famous and beloved by the listeners of the song “Heart’s beating”, “I need You”, “Mama”, “Liverpool”, and absolutely new, written by Regina in airplanes and airports of various countries in times of happiness and loneliness.

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“This album is all me, – says Regina. Is everything that happened to me in 26 years of my life, that I was holding in for a very long time, something that could not let go, could not show because he was afraid that he wouldn’t take the listener will not accept the viewer. Having accumulated certain experience in life for time travel, I want to present this album as a result. Most of the songs in the album fun and dance, they fully displayed the way I am actually – people living life with positivity, happiness and joy. And even in my sad songs, which the album has only two, the sadness is light and easy. To sing a lyrical song is not difficult, but to have fun and truly enjoy life, not everyone can. I want to make people happy”.

The title track of the debut album is now not only a presenter but also singer was the song “Fire”. According to Regina, work on the clip lasted for more than 28 hours in sub-zero temperatures. The video shoot was attended by thirty professional dancers, and Director and choreographer of the video was Helen Chirwa.

“It’s very emotional, cheerful, energetic clip, – said Regina. — This clip is about a dream. Its heroine is an ordinary girl who lives in the village and wants to learn to dance. It is sort of a Cinderella, whose dream one day comes true. I want the story we wanted to tell in this clip, became for many an example of what all you want, all your wishes will come true”.

And clip, and the album has already managed to appreciate the most loyal fans of the singer. They now asked the question: so how will Regina break between travel and music? After all, with so many songs you can go to tour on cities of Russia, and when in this case, more time to discover new corners of the planet together with “Heads and tails”? Overall, Regina has to make a serious choice: who is she – the presenter still or singer? Or she plans to catch the two fields?