Kim Kardashian is afraid to let the children to the husband

Ким Кардашьян боится подпускать детей к мужу
The reality star was evicted wife in a separate house.

Kim Kardashian with husband and children


Kim Kardashian seriously
fears for the fate of their children, and not to say that it does not have it
grounds. Although doctors were allowed to take her husband Kanye West from a psychiatric
hospital under the sole responsibility of the wife, it is strictly warned that
patients should not be left unattended. After all, the personal doctor of the British that caused
the police, when Kanye fell into a rage, begged him “to keep him away from any
weapons”… And now Kim settled issued from the hospital Kanye in their family home, and in some
a rented building. About it reported the edition “Us Weekly”.

Officially, Kardashian explained
its decision on the fact that Kanye is constantly come and the nurses, the doctors,
continuing his treatment. And she doesn’t want to interfere with the process of recovery husband. But
in fact, according to one of the girlfriends of Kim, she is afraid that if Kanye
happen new attack, he may cause harm to children St son or daughter

Kardashian, who was in
the hospital at the bedside of Kanye more than a week, very frightened by his condition. If
it was limited to one episode of violent insanity that had happened to him,
when he Dec 21, came to the gym her personal trainer, she may
would not be so concerned. But she witnessed that hallucinations
continued West and after he was in the hospital. He
muttering something about attacking the demons that they want to eradicate him and
all of his family. And the doctors put a disappointing diagnosis: “acute paranoia”.

Will act as Kim
further, it is not yet clear. Most likely, she will not dare to leave her husband until he
so bad. But, says a friend of the Kardashian, Kim is considering the possibility of divorce with him
for the safety of children when Kanye
will get better…