Выиграть чемпионат мира нашим шахматисткам помогли шоколадки с чаем “StarHit” talked with grandmaster Valentina Gunina and found out who she was ill, why at the crucial moment she “refused head” and that she will spend the winnings.
Выиграть чемпионат мира нашим шахматисткам помогли шоколадки с чаем

Last week the girls made proud the whole country for the first time they stood on the top step of the podium at the world championship held in Khanty-Mansiysk. In the final ninth round of the Russians in the lead in the overall standings, beat the Ukrainians and won with 16 points.

“During the final round I refused the head, – says the “StarHit” the 28-year-old grandmaster Valentina Gunina. – Was the end of the competition, the intensity, to win is not enough a half-point. Felt do not think. I asked the coach to pour me a Cup of tea and give the chocolate – we always lay tile and a thermos. Earned the brains and I won the game.

The first congratulated me mom. She watched the game online and as soon as I get up from the table, sent asumes that I’m doing really good. Along with her “sick” our Pets – dog Lily and cat Timon. They are foundlings, mongrel from the street. Friends help the hospices, widening of homeless animals. Lily and Timon nobody wanted to adopt, so my mom took them to her.

Triumph celebrated at the restaurant with players Sasha Kosteniuk, Katya Lahno, Sasha Goryachkina, Olga Girya and guys from the men’s team. We are friends, we meet not only the Board, but in the movies can go.

The winnings will be spent on training. Once the money, will pay for the participation in the training, not to lose his grip. But it’s after the holidays. And while my mother bought a tour to Europe and going to rest.”