Максим Галкин удивил поклонников откровенной фотографией Famous comedian is actively “Instagram”, regularly posting funny videos and touching posts, dedicated to children. However, such a provocative picture appeared in the profile of the artist for the first time. The picture shows a man imprinted trunks.

Maxim Galkin has repeatedly proved that it has an impeccable sense of self-irony. Recently, a man shared a video, during which ridiculed the stars, flying business class. But the funny thing was that the comedian himself was on Board a good airplane.

Now TV presenter decided to show the followers a thing, which he captured almost without clothes.

To “freeze jump I have learned, but facial expression not happy” – signed provocative the artist.

On the face Galkina really stood a funny grimace, but fans are much more interested in unusual posture. “Sparrow”, “You are a true ninja”, “and Jackie Chan can’t”, commented an unexpected post subscribers Maxim.

Fans have noted the excellent physical form of the humorist, although some came to the conclusion that Galkin be a bit better. And yet in one fans unanimously agreed: not everyone can so skillfully to make fun of himself.

Candid shot was taken on a yacht, on which now rests the artist. Star family spends the summer in Jurmala, where they rent a mansion. Recently they were visited by Christina Aguilera, which came to Latvia to see relatives.

Maxim is almost never shares candid shots. Recently, however, the comedian posted on Instagram a photo of Alla Pugacheva in her swimsuit, which also made a splash. Fans of the Diva showered her with compliments, noting that the star looks much younger than his age.

And yet the main characters “Instagram” Galkina continue to be his children. Video featuring Harry and Lisa always gather the biggest number of likes and enthusiastic comments. He star father does not tire of talking about Hobbies and achievements heirs.

Maxim Galkin popularity on social networks is growing by the day: on the eve of the actor boasted that number of its subscribers in Instagram reached one million people. Despite the fact that the comedian posted a funny post, he manages not to repeat itself, each time causing the smiles of the fans in an original way.