Российский дизайнер Екатерина Малышева вышла замуж за принца Ганноверского A relative of the Prince of Monaco, Ernst August married his longtime sweetheart. The solemn ceremony was held in Germany, in the Church, Market Church, after which the pair went to the ancestral castle, where they waited for an official reception.
Российский дизайнер Екатерина Малышева вышла замуж за принца Ганноверского

Ekaterina Malysheva and Prince Ernst August of Hanover officially became husband and wife after five years of relationship. Registration of marriage took place the night before the seventh of July, but was modest. At the ceremony, held in a local municipality, was attended by only the closest friends of lovers. But waiting for the magnificent festivities had not long: it was scheduled for the following day.

The bride went to the altar in a dress by the Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour. Outfit with a long train was manually blow, and the ornament of Chantilly lace with dozens of pearls lasted three and a half months.

Elegant dress complements Bridal veil, also adorned with pearls, which was attached to the tiara. The way Catherine turned sensual and truly Royal.

The Prince of Hanover chose for the ceremony grey pants in pinstripe and a long dark jacket. The highlight of the outfit added a bright purple tie.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Royal family of Monaco. So, among the guests were Pierre and Charlotte Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo, mother of the groom Chantal Hochuli and his younger brother Christian. But the father of Ernest of Hannover at the wedding of the son to be refused: he did not approve of the marriage of the heir with a girl with noble birth.

Российский дизайнер Екатерина Малышева вышла замуж за принца Ганноверского

Ekaterina Malysheva, was born in Russia but grew up in the Czech capital, Prague. Upon reaching adulthood, she moved to Britain, where he began to develop his own brand of clothing EKAT. Fans of newly made outfits of the Princess of Hanover are poppy Delevingne and Sienna Miller.

Ernst August had proposed to his beloved in August last year during a joint holiday in Greece. The bride and groom were preparing for a massive ceremony few months after the official Banquet was attended by over four hundred guests. And their outfits were made by individual design.

Immediately after the wedding the newly made couple got into a carriage drawn by four horses, and went to the castle, Herrhausen. There was the Banquet, which brought together all the relatives and friends of the newlyweds. The chic triumph has attracted the attention of the world press, Catherine has been dubbed one of the most beautiful princesses of Europe.