Wife of Andrei Arshavin made accusations against Yulia Baranovskaya

Супруга Андрея Аршавина выступила с обвинениями в адрес Юлии Барановской
New footballer’s wife was told about why the husband not see his kids from his first marriage.

Andrew and Alice Arshavin

Photo: @alisiaarshavina Instagram Andrey Arshavin

After parting with Andrey Arshavin, Julia Baranovskaya immersed himself in the education of its younger generation: two sons and a daughter. The player himself, it should be noted, do the same. Here only cares about Andrew not joint children with Julia. On their shoulders Arshavin “took” care of two children from his first marriage new wife Alice and their young child. For this athlete regularly criticized in social networking, setting up a young family persecution.

Recently Andrei’s wife could not resist and “shed light” on the true reasons why Andrew does not communicate with the children born in a civil marriage with Julia. According to Alice, that Artem, Yana and Arseniy’t see the father is to blame… their own mother.

“Who told you to ignore, because you only hear her side. Overwritten with children. And the fact that I didn’t see so this is only your mother’s fault!!” — said the other day the wife of Arshavin.

We will remind that Yulia recently said in an interview 7days.ru about upcoming changes in their lives. Baranovskaya is optimistic and is sure that soon will meet the right man and get married. “In my life very soon major changes will occur, — told the TV presenter. That’s for sure. I will say more, they could have happened six months ago, but then I still wasn’t ready. And now I have a feeling that soon my life will be loved one I’ll marry, is sure to be a white dress, and I am having a fourth child”.