На солиста «Песняров» напал военный с ножом Artur Mikhailov is recovering after an incident that happened to him about two weeks ago. How did you learn to reporters, the musician tried to defuse aggressive man who threatened bus passengers. As a result, the actor was injured.
На солиста «Песняров» напал военный с ножом

Recently it became known that the popular singer of the Belarusian ensemble “Pesnyary” Artur Mikhailov has become a victim of the attacker. The incident occurred on the night of July 11 in the bus, EN route from Moscow to Minsk. The musician was driving home after the concert, which took place in the framework of his solo activities.

One of the travel Mikhailov was very aggressive. According to the artist, a strange man seemed deliberately to provoke others into a fight. He resented the lack of available places, then complained too loud, in his opinion, conversations.

“People were looking for conflict… I noticed that he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. I knew that he was just looking for an excuse. The conflict escalated,” – said Mikhailov.
На солиста «Песняров» напал военный с ножом

At some point, the attacker stood in the aisle between the rows of seats and began shouting obscenities, threatening it with a knife. Singer of the ensemble “Pesnyary” I understand that you need to act immediately. Mikhailov tried to neutralize the conflict of the passenger.

“In the bus were women and children. I know I need to be protected, can suffer, and others. Started the brawl, I “dived” under his arm, pressed his body, clutching his wrist with a knife,” said Mikhailov.

Due to the fact that the man was extremely strong physique, to unclench his hand with a knife could not and two guys came to the rescue to help the artist. To appease and disarm the rebel was only law enforcement officers who entered the bus at the time when he drove to the DPS office.

Police officers made the Protocol on violation. Now the attacker, who is now under house arrest, unable to put behind bars for five years for hooliganism under aggravating circumstances. According to Mikhailov, the aggressive passenger was a citizen of Russia living in the suburbs. The man is former military who served in his time in Afghanistan.

During the conversation with reporters Artur Mikhailov told that the doctors put on his chin for eight stitches. “You may have a scar, although the wound is healing well,” the man quoted by RIA Novosti. Because of that incident, the musician will have to suspend concert activity. Upcoming performance Mikhailov is scheduled for July 27.