Charlize Theron shocked the history of childhood

Шарлиз Терон шокировала историей из детства
Some time ago, the famous actress Charlize Theron made a Frank confession shocked many.

Шарлиз Терон шокировала историей из детства

The actress told about the difficult childhood and the psychological trauma she received as a child. Charlize says her dad was always drunk and used myself could not control.

“My father was a binge alcoholic. He threatened us with mom. I lived in constant fear. Who wants to remember?” – said Theron.

In the end, once it ended in tears: mom is the actress in self-defense was forced to shoot husband.

“Mom shot him, because otherwise he would have to deal with us. All these years I tried to convince myself that nothing happened. I’ve almost learned how not to think about it,” he told the star.

For a long time, Theron couldn’t live with that and it helped only a therapist.

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