Агния Дитковските официально развелась с Алексеем Чадовым This summer famous actors terminated their marriage in one of the world’s capital ships. Despite the fact that Agnia Ditkovskite and Aleksey Chadov are not the couple for nearly two years, they, as it turned out, for a long time considered a husband and wife.
Агния Дитковските официально развелась с Алексеем Чадовым

Recently it became known that 29-year-old Agniya Ditkovskite divorced 35-year-old Alexei Chadov. Artists who announced their separation two years ago, was finally dissolved his marriage. The corresponding decision was made one of the justices of the peace of Moscow.

On the official website of the state body says that Ditkovskite took the first step to divorce. The statement of the actress registered at the end of may. First hearing was scheduled on the ninth of June, but Chadov was not on the court. After about a month, celebrities have ceased to be husband and wife.

“StarHit” contacted Alexei Chadov, but the actor chose not to comment about the divorce. The artist has made clear it has no plans to speak on the subject of personal life.

Агния Дитковските официально развелась с Алексеем Чадовым

In may, Agnes Ditkovskite attributed an affair with a mysterious foreigner. In the Internet leaked information about the fact that the actress allegedly found with Amir, a native of Uzbekistan. According to some reports, the alleged lover of the actress was born in Tashkent. Wide publicity, the Network received a correspondence between the lovers, in which Agnes recognized the mysterious chosen one about your feelings.

Learn about the possible passion Ditkovskite, her fans questioned the veracity of the data published on the Internet. In their opinion, the actress prefers to keep secret details of private life, would hardly publicly to correspond with the chosen one. In this regard, fans of Agnes expressed confidence that the screenshots were at the disposal of the journalists are fake.

The actress did not respond to heated discussions of users of social networks. Agnia Ditkovskite not consider it necessary to comment on the rumors, which circulated regularly in the press. Earlier in mass media appeared information that the actress allegedly again became a mother. Parent stars Tatiana lutaeva did not speak about the joyous events in the life of the daughter. In an interview with “StarHit” the woman eloquently silent when asked about the possible appearance of a second grandson.

Media reported about the second birth Agnes Ditkovskite

Recall that Agnia Ditkovskite and Aleksey Chadov legalized relationships in August 2012, but a few years later announced the breakup. Despite the fact that the actors broke up, both parents participate in the education of the son of Fyodor.