A DNA test revealed the truth about his father’s “special” daughter Danko

ДНК-тест открыл правду об отце «особенной» дочери Данко Popular singer doubted that is the parent of three agates. As it turned out, at this thought of his came from his mother Elena Ilinskaya. Danko decided to undergo a special procedure to dot the “i” in the question of infidelity civil wife Natalia.
ДНК-тест открыл правду об отце «особенной» дочери Данко

The singer Danko and his civil wife Natalia, Ustymenko became heroes of the new edition of the TV show First channel “really”. In the program, the artist shared his suspicions about infidelity second half. The contractor stated that the a father to his daughter Agatha, which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, can be a mysterious Swiss millionaire. According to Danko, once Natalia was Dating a foreigner.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev expressed surprise about the fact that the artist only a few years doubted the sincerity of the words of his wife. In recognition of Danko, it is quite a long time, before I decided to accuse the mate of infidelity.

Danko accuses wife of infidelity

“Natasha gets nicer and nicer. I’m just very jealous and emotional. I “tolerate” those moments when she says she needs to go somewhere… To me, Natasha was a rich man, a foreigner, very well known. I understand that I am not his competitor. (…) People are so arranged, especially women, is that they make for themselves, “stash”, this is a female instinct to survive,” explained Danko.
ДНК-тест открыл правду об отце «особенной» дочери Данко

According to the actor, his youngest daughter Agatha is somewhat similar to a former lover of Natalia. However, the woman denied the statements Danko. She stated that they have nothing to do with reality.

In the program also appeared mother Danko Elena Ilinskaya. As it turned out, it provoked discord in the family of his son. The woman used to doubt that Natalie is true to its choice – in March 2016 an artist has passed a DNA test in the program “live” to find out the truth about the father of the eldest daughter Sonia. Then, the whole country learned that the singer is the real parent of the girl.

The mother of the singer Danko met his two year old daughter

For a long time E. L. refused to take Agatha. Elias remained unconvinced that her son – the father of the baby. Apparently, the woman was unable to accept the fact that Danko has become the parent of a “special” child.

ДНК-тест открыл правду об отце «особенной» дочери Данко“If all this had not happened in my life, it would be much better. At birth, when it was said that the child no, and asked him to leave, of course, it was necessary to leave. Nobody’s used to be, not attached to this baby when it was clear that he did not see, not hear, does not understand… This child is going nowhere,” – said the woman.
ДНК-тест открыл правду об отце «особенной» дочери Данко

At the end of the program Dmitry Shepelev introduced the popular singer and his family with the results of the DNA test. Examination showed that the real father of Agatha is Danko.

“All your doubts are not baseless,” – said the presenter.

In turn, the artist called on loved ones to make peace. “Mother, dear and dear, will you stop already? Take Natasha for who she is,” said the man Elena Nikolaevna. The woman went to meet him, and embraced civil wife of the son in the Studio. Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever remain a disabled person”