Проститься с Людмилой Сенчиной пришли сотни людей
The actress was buried at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Lyudmila Senchina


Today in St. Petersburg said goodbye to Lyudmyla senchinoj, who passed away on January 25. The morning of January 28 in the Theater of Musical Comedy passed civil funeral. It came hundreds of people: relatives of the actress, her colleagues and fans. The mourning event was attended by Joseph Kobzon, Alexander Rosenbaum, Mikhail Boyarsky, Ivan Krasko, Igor Kornelyuk and poet Ilya Reznik. Lyudmila Petrovna last farewell ovation.

Later, in the Cathedral of the Vladimir icon of the mother of God, passed funeral senchinoj. Then the actress, according to her last will, was buried at the Smolensk cemetery.

That “Cinderella” was not so early it is still hard to believe. Senchina was indeed a unique phenomenon. As was correctly noted by Alexander Rosenbaum, Lyudmila Petrovna was “a real pearl of Leningrad”. It till last days gave the audience the joy and the light. Senchina concealed from fans of serious illness and continued to speak through the pain. Her passing was a great loss for Russian culture.

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