Мария Машкова рассказала, как привыкала к инвалидному креслу
The actress appealed to her father for help.

Maria Mashkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Maria Mashkovoi has fallen a difficult challenge: in the new TNT series “Light from the world”, the actress has brought to life the image of the heroine, is confined to a wheelchair. The actress admitted that working on this project was especially difficult. To better understand the main character, a virtual lielatalka Svetozara, Mashkova consulted a psychic and a girl with disabilities. Information obtained from the interviewees helped her to grow into the role. But she was very tired of memorizing a large amount of text and shooting in almost stationary condition.

At some point, Mary had lost faith in himself and felt unable to cope with the set Director and the writers tasks. Then she turned for advice to father — Vladimir Mashkov. The father appreciated the trouble with girls “the height of his flight” and gave advice, solved the problem of Maria. As you know, all brilliant — easy! Vladimir recommended to focus on memorizing text, and not something else.

“The mode of existence was not easy to find. Everything is new and strange. Ran to daddy in tears. Say: such interesting work and so much depends on the main character, and I have nothing. Complete failure. Let’s in detail for 30 minutes to tell me what and how I did not get. Dad listened, listened and said only one sentence: “Mary, teach the text.” By the way, this constructive advice helped me a lot!”— said Maria W’day.ru.

Recall that some time ago Mashkov settled with her husband and children in Los Angeles. Now Maria lives in two countries: in Russia, she works and lives in the States. Mashkov admits that after moving even more in love with Moscow and often misses her.