Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров Boasts a peaceful parting with the patrons may be a few musicians. “StarHit” collected stories of deadly battles artists with their former mentors. Someone managed to get rid of claims. Others continue to retaliate.

      Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров

      Scandals of producers with artists, deciding to leave under their tutelage, are common. Very few people manage to leave quietly and peacefully. Scandals and lawsuits almost always become public. Former patrons with the same zeal with which once lit the stars, trying to repay them. Those, in turn, bring to the public the facts about the recent “fruitful cooperation” that make fans a real shock. “StarHit” offers to remember the most high-profile scandals in the Russian show business between stars and their former producers.

      Lena Temnikova, the ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO

      Elena Temnikova left the band SEREBRO in the spring of 2014. It happened at the peak of popularity and on the background of the General fan adoration. For many, the care of one of the brightest participants of the girl trio was a mystery. The official version of the act singer – condition. Only recently in one interview Lena Temnikova told about the true reasons for his departure from the group. The singer desperately wanted to portray a sexy diva, to perform in revealing costumes. And it is this sense of humiliation that she experienced every time she went on stage, Elena still can’t forgive his producer Maxim Fadeev.

      Lena Temnikova told about humiliations that were suffered in the group SEREBRO

      Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров“I felt terrible, could hardly restrain himself not to burst into tears, – says the star. – Was the home of a notorious girl. And Fadeev started to make us some sexy “terrorists”. I complained: it’s not mine, I’m ashamed. He didn’t listen, saying that knows better. On the other hand, a contract’s a contract.”

      In addition, Temnikova can not forget the producer of the PR novels, which she attributed to attract attention.

      To leave the band SEREBRO before the expiration of the contract Elena helped her husband Dmitry. The man paid the penalty for the producing center and supported favorite. Today, Elena Temnikova is a happy wife and mother of a charming daughter, she has her own solo and very successful project.

      Anna Sedokova, a former singer of the group “VIA Gra”

      Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров

      Member of the gold structure of group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova more than ten years ago had to leave the team. The reason – the expectation of giving birth to a daughter Alina. Producer Konstantin Meladze could not interfere with the decision of Anna to become a wife and mother. But his disappointment with the choice Sedokova was so great that he stopped all contact with her.

      For Anna such a rejection was a real blow, because she had to Meladze the most sincere feelings. Not only producer but also a friend in the group stopped to chat with Sedokova after she shared with them the news about the pregnancy and upcoming marriage.

      “I had no idea that after our last tour so close to my girlfriend Faith no more did not call me, Nadia refuses to be a witness at my wedding, and Kostya Meladze just tell me that I have no one for this group…” – said the singer in an interview. Now that the grievances have been forgotten, and Anna successfully built a solo career, the singer thanked former producer for the harsh lesson.

      “Meladze is one of the most important people in my life, – admitted Sedokova. And I’m very grateful to him for everything. And most of all just for the fact that he left. Otherwise I would have remained blind kitten, hoping each time that the coast is near and will always help. And pobarahtavshis three years alone, I still have learnt how to swim.”


      Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров

      26-year-old Daria Shashina left the band SEREBRO in early may of this year. The official version of her departure from the group, as in the case of Elena Temnikova, was the state of health of the singer. However, the decision Darya Casinoi to finish his career in a trio without a scandal. With the producer of the group Maxim Fadeev, the singer broke up peacefully and without resentment. But remembering about the atmosphere that prevails in SEREBRO, Shashina calls her insufferable. That the friendship between the singers of the band is purely ostentatious and is nothing short of a work to the public, Daria said in an interview with “StarHit”.

      “For me the atmosphere was unbearable, I would say the only terrible thing: “bullying” exists, and it is hard. It did not leave me space for some of their inner creativity, I was clamped and started to get a complex,” – says Daria.

      Due to the constant stress during the work in the project slim Shashina gained ten pounds. But it was Dasha to stop singing with the girls as moral and physical condition was on the mend. Currently, the singer looks great, personal blog appears at various events with his beloved 28 – year-old participant in the show “the Voice” Ivan Chebanov. The ex-soloist SEREBRO about the boyfriend: “happiness, I burst into tears and threw herself on his neck”


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      A scandal between Katya LEL and her producer and lover Alexander Volkov broke out at the beginning of the two thousandth. The singer and her producer were actually at war for four long years. Alexander, with which the LEL hand-in-hand was going to succeed, he got very jealous of his chosen bride to her new star status.

      “He was jealous of me for each post. Even to his friends, tapped phones, interrogated the guards where I was and with whom. My life turned into hell. At some point I could not resist: I was under thirty, and I said that I have to give birth, so he should decide, – said Katya. – He had a wonderful family, children, grandchildren. I also wanted a family. He replied that the family can neither throw nor let me go”.

      The litigation of the singer and producer ended in favor of the LEL, she won the case. But then Volkov was a misfortune. Doctors discovered he had cancer at that stage, to deal with which is impossible. By the time former producer Katya LEL died. “This war was not in vain, she pulled the juice out of both of us. It is unfortunate that all so has developed, – recalled the artist. – It is impossible to destroy anyone, you must not allow your anger to control herself enough to decent, decent to turn into a completely different person”.

      Now in the life of Katya LEL all finally adjusted. In 2008, she married businessman Igor Kuznetsov, and in 2009 gave birth to daughter Emilia. Now the singer is once again gaining popularity the public that once adored her “Musi-pusi” and “Jag Jag”.


      Погасить звезду: самые громкие скандалы знаменитостей и продюсеров

      At the beginning of the two thousandth songs of the band “Propaganda” “Chalk”, “Yi-I”, “Superdetka” and gathered, and the voice of the soloist, 17-year-old Vicky, conquered all music charts of the country and the hearts of millions of fans. The young singer was not only a performer, but also the author of these hits. But for several years, Victoria Voronina in court proves right to their music after leaving the band “Propaganda” producer of staff Sergei Ivanov has forbidden her to sing those songs.

      Sergei says that at least Victoria is their author, would publicly perform, since these works are sold, and the copyright holder is he. However, Voronin continues to be active as a solo singer. She writes and composes new songs, gives concerts, which takes all the hits. Moreover, on posters in a larger font is often written in group name, not the name of her former singer. Ivanov strongly disagree with this state of Affairs. He insists that Victoria causing material damage to the existing “Propaganda”, which employs a completely different soloist. The efforts of Sergei Ivanov in the last year, for example, was canceled several concerts Voronina in different cities.

      In short, the relationship between the producer of “Propaganda” and its former soloist full of contradictions and mutual claims. Each of the parties considers himself a victim of the protracted conflict.

      Margarita Suhankina, the soloist of group “the Mirage”

      In 2016, the group “Mirage” celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment. The jubilee year will be remembered for the singer of the group the Margarita Suhankina litigation. The lawsuit against her was filed by the composer and producer Andrei Letyagin, which until recently was the civil husband of the singer. Now he forbids her to perform hits “Mirage”.

      As it turned out, between Shanking and founder Andrei Lithium there were no contracts, cooperation was based solely on verbal agreements, under which Margaret would perform the hits of “Mirage.”

      “Now the situation has changed, Andrew is configured to cooperate with well-documented contributions to him as an author and owner of the trade mark “Mirage”. That is, it does not aim to remove her from the scene. Just wants to put relations in the legal field. We tried to arrange talks with Margaret through her concert Directors, but they are from our offer is refused,” said lawyer Dmitry Testes.

      Allegedly for breach of copyright-the singer faces a fine from 10 thousand to five million rubles.