Эвелина Бледанс привезла лекарства больной сестре Actress, for many years did not communicate with the cousin, started to help her. Evelina Bledans visiting her sister in Yalta. For treatment women from cirrhosis of the liver fans the artist has gathered twelve thousand rubles, required two million. The rest of the star, according to her, reported by myself.

      Last autumn it became known that the famous TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans is his younger sister. A lot of women haven’t spoken in years, and Evelina was a revelation that her relative is seriously ill and needs help.

      The star has publicly promised that will not leave a sister in trouble, and kept his word. She invited Diana and her daughter Danielle to visit his suburban mansion. Evelyn announced the collection of funds for treatment sisters, suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. Sister of Evelina Bledans about a serious illness: “I’m desperate”

      But these days the actress, leaving his son the Seeds home with dad, went to the Crimea, where Diana lives, to deliver expensive drugs. In the microblog actress published a picture together with a relative, in the hands of two women holding a package of drugs. “Merry Christmas! And let all be healthy!” – signed photo of Evelina Bledans.

      Fans teledive was delighted with the good news and then asked the actress how much money she managed to collect for treatment sister. They are all well aware that a woman have a serious operation that cost two million rubles. “12 thousand roubles. The rest reported”, – he said shortly to subscribers of Evelina Bledans.

      “Thank you for your kindness! All will fly like a boomerang! Pray to God for your family!”, “Evelyn, you’re done. I to tears happy for your sister, may God grant her health,” “You did such a good cause. Well Done, Evelyn! You keep your word!”, “You are a Holy woman. Happiness to you many, many, may God protect you”, – admired act of Evelina Bledans her fans.

      Recall openly about his illness Diana Bledans told in the television broadcast. “I have cirrhosis of the liver. I know this is five years. I don’t drink, the disease appeared on the background of hepatitis. I started to have ascites – water outlet in the stomach, it’s like you’re becoming round,” said the younger sister of a famous actress.

      Then Evelina Bledans admitted that he wants to help his cousin, but she has no free money. However, the actress is now doing everything in her power. And apparently, managed to find funds for the treatment of Diana. She was sure that the sister will be able to overcome a serious illness.