Новое фото Сергея Лазарева с сыном произвело фурор в Сети Singer with the boy went on vacation to the ocean. Sergey Lazarev, who for two years hid the existence of his heir, for the first time issued a joint picture with the baby. Fans are happy for the singer and can’t understand why he spent so much time nothing was said about his son.

      The final of last year marked a truly sensational news for fans of Sergey Lazarev. It turned out that the singer has a son named Nikita, and with a newborn, and already quite a grown up child of two and a half years. Sergey Lazarev two years hiding son

      Fans of the singer and all who are not indifferent to the lives of the star off stage, still not recovered from this suddenly revealed circumstances, as Sergey Lazarev once again added fuel to the fire of heated discussions of his personal life.

      The singer for the first time issued a joint photo with her son, taken during the Christmas holidays. However, in the picture you can see only feet, star dads, and his young heir. Father and son dressed in the fashionable style of Family Look – they are wearing the same sneaker in blue with smiles.

      “Happy Christmas to all of you, my dear friends! Peace, kindness, happiness and love!”, signed family the Sergey Lazarev.

      The singer took advantage of the long new year’s weekend to spend with the child. Sergey Lazarev went with the boy to warmer climes. Exactly where they are, a celebrity doesn’t report. But some of the knowledgeable subscribers microblog contractor said in comments to the post that dad and son relax in Miami.

      The baby made a lasting impression on fans of Sergey Lazarev. They made a few posts and left more than a thousand comments, admitting that he is very excited for the star, who, as it turned out, with my personal life in order. “How cute, can’t get. I wish you happiness!”, “Dad and son – that is happiness”, “I’m glad Seryozhenka a son!”, “A photo is nice, good, great”, “Oh my God, little feet already with daddy in the same “boots”. How wonderful it is. Wish you happiness and only goodness and joy in this bright holiday of Christmas!” – written by fans of Sergey Lazarev.

      We will remind, after the journalists declassified son of the singer, the singer appealed to all of his fans to respect his right to tell about his personal life only what he sees fit. Sergey Lazarev for the first time about the child: “I’m happy to be a dad”

      Lazarev explained that they had hidden a baby two and a half years only because I didn’t want intense public attention to the baby.