Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем» The soloist of group “Beasts” confessed “StarHit” what rules he established a home and why does not want to become a businessman. The artist also explained why all of a sudden completely revamped the team, and dispelled a lot of rumors about myself.

      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»

      Roman Bilyk, he’s a Rum Beast, closed man. On stage, fans used to seeing him as the brutal rebel, and it is difficult to imagine that in everyday life, the musician would not mind to help his wife Marina with household duties.

      “I can dust and wipe – says Roma “StarHit”. – And why not? Sometimes dinner – I love to stand at the stove. Especially I manage French meat: veal, potatoes and cheese. It turns out tasty, family loved it”.

      The body – in the case

      This year you turn 40. Already decided, will be celebrating. It is believed that better not…
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»7 Dec I just turned 39, and you’re already on the next birthday ask. To be honest, haven’t thought of yet. In General superstitions I don’t like. Birthdays are always celebrated quietly and in the circle of the people closest to me. —
      What a gift you remember the most?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»In that year, the fans presented me with a ticket to the concert of your favorite band Florence and the Machine in Amsterdam – chipped, bought and passed through a group administrator. I was very impressed after the show. —
      You are fond of photography, recently the exhibition was organized by… the Wife enjoys it? Often asks about the photo shoot?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»Not often, but I still shoot. At my first solo exhibition was a few papers with a picture of the Marina. I love to “catch” people, their emotions, and how to use the camera I mostly travel with his wife, then on her pictures a lot. —
      With her daughters Olga and Zoya are you a strict dad?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»In moderation. For example, we have a limit on the Internet and gadgets. Just ban Ola to surf the net, I can’t, but to sit in the pad round the clock not allowed. The question is, takes the child in his hands for education or just to waste time? The second option I do not welcome. —
      Than they love girls to do?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»Ola I often help with homework, we are on vacation doing math together. With the older generally a lot of shared Hobbies: surf, write songs in the Studio. However, while our joint work, no one heard, but still ahead. And Zoe be the age she is I wonder what she sees around. Now, for example, it carries the theme of the Christmas holidays: colored lights, tinsel, Christmas tree…
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»
      Do you have any bad habits?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»Habits are, but I don’t abuse them. Try to stay healthy – thanks to the wife, she takes care of diet and routine. Several times a week, be sure to go to the gym. Any special exercises you do – so on the track to run, patricidal… —
      What countries are you an avid traveler most impressed by?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»To travel I really love, despite the fact that the life of the musician – a solid touring from city to city. Marina adored Amsterdam: walk through its streets, sit in cafes and eat the herring with potatoes… In Paris fly often, we have a lot of friends. In all the cities I try to visit museums – the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Louvre in Paris, Prado in Madrid. I acquaint followers on his instagram @romanbilyk with European painting ranging from the Renaissance to modern artists. —
      Many of your colleagues do not only sing, but have a business to open stores, dry cleaning… Maybe we’ll see a number of entrepreneurs?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»I have enough earnings from operations. And all, what excites me besides music are my Hobbies that inspire. Turn them into profitable business I have no plans to.
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»
      You recently sued the creators of the film “Prom” million rubles for illegal use in the trailer your song “southern nights”. Why were you opposed to tape and presented the song “Animals”?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»It’s simple – I didn’t like the script of the film, and I didn’t want my song had to tape at least some respect. —
      This summer fans of “the Animals” was frightened by the news about the breakup of the band. They were provoked by a post of one of the musicians that the drummer, guitarist and bassist leave the band. Why the change of composition?
      Рома Зверь: «Жена следит за моим здоровьем»15 years is a very long time, needed a new power… In August, we updated the composition: the bass now Kirill Afonin – he used to play at Basta, guitar Herman Osipov, who worked in the group “Chicherin”, with the drums Valentin Tarasov – come from the singer Maksim and the keys still Veaceslav Zaruba. We all have a vast experience on the stage, all in a beautiful concert form. Now they are also “Animals”. We like wine with age becomes only better!