Итальянскому модельеру устроили «травлю» в Сети. Почему?

The wife of the newly elected President of America Melania trump in the New year became “the woman Dolce&Gabbana”. No, the first lady has not yet signed a cooperation contract with a famous brand. She just wore a dress this brand at the event dedicated to the New year, and Stefano Gabbana, hearing of this, hastened to inform in the social network, glad to have this honor.

But if our women knew what the result will end his glee, did he post this? We doubt it.

The fact that under the photo Melania dress Dolce&Gabbana flared discussion on the topic of whether cost Stefano so happy.

One of the most appropriate comments to the photo reads: “it is Very sad when a gay designer supports those who humiliated minority.” Stefano could not restrain himself and replied, “don’t call me gay! I’m a man! And I love, is my own business”.

However, the first Gabbana was extremely sensitive and responded to the angry comments cute emoticons. However, several hours later, the designer could not resist the passions and asked all the discontented never to buy him clothes and unsubscribe from his page.

You just can’t seem to go too if subscribers stick designer to Express their discontent?

Earlier, many designers headed by Sophie Villa, for many years wears wife of the former President of America, Michelle Obama, said about his reluctance to cooperate with the new first lady of the country. However, the former Slovenian model was supported by such brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg and Thom Browne.