Сыну Рудковской и Плющенко объявили виртуальную войну

Christmas and new year holidays for family Rudkovskaya-Plushenko was spoiled by ill-wishers. Trouble touched the account of the son of the couple Alexander. The fact that for fell on the page of 4-year-old Dwarf of Genomica complaints, the page was blocked and demanded that Jana and Eugene argued and documented that the account belongs to their child.

All the details of a recent incident of Jan has shared on his page, noting that she knows the names of the enemies who dared to speak out against the child, who in his life anyone has done nothing wrong: “Even on new year’s day the enemies are not asleep and even commit terrible things against children. A week ago on instagram Sasha did a large-scale, planned in advance of the complaint. Just think, complaints to instagram of a child who did nothing wrong never did! We (parents) asked for documents proving his identity. Imagine what plan was the complaint)! Who is not haunted by the little boy trudaine that in 3 years collects the applause on the show no less than his famous dad. Until today, remained a mystery, but today we learned the names of these “friends”. Ashamed of You guys! It is clear that the lower stuff that You did for the holidays, so we could not restore justice, on the eve of the birthday of Sasha! Believe me, dear, and, as it turned out, not very distant “friends and comrades”, from the fact that we can not carry on its page a couple of weeks, nothing will change — love Sasha people will not be less. Well, what You fighting with his mom and dad are not “tough”, but only that such act, suggests that You are really unhappy people and only God will judge. But he is just often very severely punished! Generally all from Sasha kisses the sea and positive sea 😘😘😘😘”.

Rudkovskaya concluded his address with the tag “good always triumphs over evil”. I hope that this is true.