Чтобы содержать детей, жена Цыганова берет подработки

Irina Leonova, actress and mother of seven children, is not only back on the scene, but also participates in poetry readings.

In the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft in the framework of the program “Your XX century” the concert of “Learn to domacasse to the poems…“, devoted to the works of poets Maria Petrova and Inna Lisnyanskaya. Its organizer and leader was Alice Grebenshchikova. In addition to her in the evening was attended by Irina obidina and Irina Leonova, a former civil wife of actor Yevgeny Tsyganov, who bore him seven children.

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— These concerts I’m spending the second year, she collected material, making songs, rehearsing with artists, says Alice. Irina Leonov know for a long time, 20 years, we met in the recitation competition while I was studying in the institutions. This is our third work. Last year did a concert about Olga Bergholz. She had a hard life, and I needed people with a special flair. In addition, the Ira are very good reads. She likes my poetic performances, and she told me: chance – I will be happy to take part. I called, and she agreed. This year the did a show about Veronica and Julia Tushnova Dronino. Doesn’t matter to me that she had a big break in work, Ira is a solid and interesting people. And then, she is very beautiful, is also good. Of course, I think about the further cooperation. I, as a rule, his people did not leave.

We will remind, Evgenie Tsyganov left pregnant with the seventh child of his wife in August 2015. A few months later there were rumors about a new novel by a popular actor with Yulia Snigir. In mid-March, she gave birth to a. son.

Irina Leonova, did not comment on the break with only a few pieces. As journalists found out, she was even younger children says that dad is not with them anymore lives. And to the question, “Where is daddy?” “At work, busy.”

To feed children – four sons and three daughters, Irina Leonova had to go to work. Despite the fact that children still need attention (eldest daughter of Pauline 11 years old and the youngest Faith a year ago), the actress this year after a long maternity leave returned to the stage of the Maly theater. In December, the premiere of the play “King Lear” with her.

At the same time, as estimated by correspondents of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, she gets in a month is 30 times less of the former husband. But, according to relatives, she never thinks to give up.

“She planned to play, play theater, to raise children. Soon the senior has become a mainstay for my mom. And her family is not left”, – commented the brother of actress Vladimir Leonov writes “StarHit”.

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