На 102-м году Владимир Зельдин ушел из жизни

Today, the public and colleagues say goodbye to the oldest actor on the planet.

Early on the morning of October 31, Vladimir Zeldin passed away. The actor died in the Sklifosovsky research Institute, where he was treated for several weeks.

The name of Vladimir Zeldin familiar to us, our parents and even grandparents. The actor began to play in the Theater of transport in 1938, then for the first time appeared in cinema in the film “the Oppenheim Family” but was not credited. However, in 1941 after the release of the film “swineherd and shepherd”, where he played a noble shepherd musaib of Gatuev, it learned the whole country.

He was born in tsarist Russia, was witness of the revolution, the great Patriotic war, many shifts of power. No change in the country Zeldin knocked off.

The actor got into the Guinness Book of records as the oldest showman on stage at the age of 100 years.

He stood on stage for hours in the day of his 100th birthday, played the play “the Dancing master” after hip fracture, which is almost unbelievable.

“All my life I do not drink or smoke, although in the theatrical community, there is always a temptation. At the age of 16 had read all of Russian literature. Even I in my youth tried not to spend themselves for nothing,” – said the actor in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Zeldin to the public was the personification of undying talent, eternal youth and the power of the spirit. When you look at always cheerful, smiling actor it seemed that in this life nothing is impossible.

When in mid-October, the press leaked rumors of hospitalization Zeldin, all believed that Vladimir will pull through, he’s a fighter, but alas…

“Vladimir Mikhailovich died in the early morning. I got a call from the hospital where he was last time. Over three weeks he tried to revive, but this, alas, failed. Nothing more I can say, I don’t know what to do next,” said the actor’s widow Ivetta Kapralova in an interview with TASS.

Actor gone before his 102nd birthday only four months. Heirs of Vladimir Zeldin gone…