До зависти красивые: 15 звезд, которые любят раздеваться

They’re all quite different, but they share one thing: they love to show off my body, and sometimes do so too openly. Men admire them, envy them women, criticized them for being too open. The editors of Woman’s Day figured out who from the Russian stars can’t get through the day, not bare.

Anastasia Volochkova, ballerina, 40 years

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Wherever you set foot Nastia, she does the splits. And even in microstrength. His famous stretching Volochkova showed everywhere: in the hammock, on the beach, Canoeing…

She likes to share half-naked photos of bedrooms, fonts; recently revealed how she sunbathes in the yard without a bra. And the dancer often wears no underwear in revealing dresses. Some scolded her for such a provocation, others admire.

In 40 years to have such a toned body and easy to do the splits! Would you be able? Then don’t grumble.

By the way, recently, the ballerina admitted that as a child he loved to watch movies with Bruce Lee, always admired him stretching and trying to fit in.

And the criticism of her figure, Nastya responds calmly: “Who do not like, I advise you to unsubscribe and not to graze on my pages. Who is bursting with envy you in the gym and who can’t cope with their emotions… there is no help”.

Gluk’oza, the singer, 30 years

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June 7, mother of two girls celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. It’s hard to believe, but Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova is not 18 years old, and yet not say. Especially if you look at photos of her in bikini or without it… When the singer lies in bed wearing only Lacy shorts…

Natasha being a good wife, but it will shake the public’s imagination that men sleep deprived. That only is a recent photo shoot stars in the Maldives, where she sits on the sand, and nudity covers only a wreath of flowers. What really is sleep?

Many people wonder why a married woman shall publish such pictures? We asked the singer.

“How did the husband react? It is most often these photos and makes! Sasha is not a prude, he for a beautiful body, sexuality. By the way, the first dress with sweetheart neckline gave me it. ‘ve realized over the years of marriage: when the husband do not unnecessarily expose you. I have no supertruth household items. And it adds spice to the relationship. I believe that you need to always maintain good form, then you will not cease to be interesting to your man. One may argue with nature and explain to the peasants: “we have No time still rolls to swing”. But the man will always pay attention to beautiful ass. So I would have it stocked,” – said Natalia correspondent to Woman’s Day.

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