The dog was a witness at the wedding

Пес стал свидетелем на свадьбе

England held an unusual ceremony.

From this story, perhaps, even the watchdog that determined in the dreams of the grandfather on the Mat, his ears would have rang. Laura and Andrew Watson decided that their wedding is unthinkable without the beloved pet pug Gilbert. However, just to take the dog to the celebration of the spouses was not enough. They decided to make him their witness…

Pug dressed in a tuxedo, which, incidentally, elegance he gave a little, and a white shirt with a butterfly, all activities pursued by young. Moreover, he was entrusted with important mission – to keep intact ring hidden in the pocket of his suit.

“I saw a TV-program in which trained birds bring the rings in the legs,” says the newly minted Mrs. Watson. So I thought, why do we not attract Gilbert. He has been with us for eight years, a true friend, we can trust him”.

Fortunately no incidents because of the unusual guest did not happen. Rings safely moved from the pocket to the fingers of the happy couple. Although, sure, an employee of the local Registrar was a bit puzzled, handing the witness a pen for signing.

However, this is not the most unusual wedding celebration, which we heard. This spring, for example, 42-the summer inhabitant of USA with the beautiful name beautiful, Eksistens married herself (read more HERE).

A little earlier the British artist Tracey Emin became the wife of… cobblestone! “I know that somewhere on the hillside overlooking the sea will always be a beautiful stone that is not going anywhere, – explained his decision Tracy. He’d always wait for me”. Read the story of Tracey Emin HERE.

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