Подольская и Пресняков увезли годовалого сына в Испанию Wife rest the whole family. Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov and their infant son Artemiy went on vacation abroad. Musicians long ago decided that he would not travel without a baby.

      Подольская и Пресняков увезли годовалого сына в Испанию

      The family of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky for many fans is a role model. The couple have been together for over 10 years, and during this time the musicians are not given the slightest reason to doubt the sincerity of their relationship. A year ago the couple gave birth to a lovely baby – son Artemy. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov, despite the regular appearances, still managed to find time off your busy schedule to go on vacation with the whole family. Natalia and Vladimir have chosen for summer travel Spain.

      Natalia Podolskaya threw him a holiday in a marine style

      Fans were delighted from the fact that Podolsky and Presnyakov trying to bring his heir and prefer to stay together. Members wished the star couple to have a good time abroad.

      “Happy holiday!”, “What are you good! Admire not love enough”, “a great family. Wish you happiness and a lot of kids. We love you very much”, “have a Nice vacation and wonderful weather! Thank you, your family inspires me,” wrote a follower.

      Подольская и Пресняков увезли годовалого сына в Испанию

      Natalia and Vladimir last summer realized that will to part with his son, and especially to fly to a vacation without the baby. In August, the couple decided to spend time together on Crete, and two months of Artemia left in the care of nannies and grandparents. However, the relaxation they failed – persistent thoughts about the baby did not give them rest. Natalia Podolskaya: “After the hysteria Vova said change the tickets. Fly to son”

      “A vacation without a Theme was awful – told “StarHit” Podilsky. – I missed you, cried. Asked my mom to send me photos and videos of the phone, but it didn’t save. On the third day after another tantrum Vova said, “Change.” In Moscow we returned two days earlier than planned. I decided: no son don’t go”.

      After such a poor release Vladimir and Natalia began to travel abroad with the baby. Winter holidays were spent in the Alps, and could see how a wonderful holiday with the whole family. “When we arrived, all the while it was raining, and the temperature was somewhere around +5. Of course, about skiing, we had to forget. But we have always been close with the baby. Vacation was wonderful – we could sit by the fireplace, listening to the song who sings the Theme. It is very funny when he starts to sing without words. Our first stay was “excellent”, – said Vladimir.

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