Заголовок Анфиса Чехова рассказала о боли расставаний Popular TV presenter gave his followers advice on how to learn to say goodbye to former lovers and not only. According to Anfisa, such a situation is natural. Chekhov said many times someone “goodbye”, and eventually realized that it does not need to be afraid of.

      In his 38-year-old presenter Anfisa Chekhov often provides various recommendations to subscribers — from what books to read for self-development, and ending with some tips. In the field of view of Anfisa come a variety of challenges that could ever face. Recently the star shared with fans his opinion on how to handle the pain after breaking up with someone who was very dear.

      “I always disliked the separation. And my life was Oh as much. The breakup was still loved and is loved, hateful, grievous, who then have nothing, and those who dreamed to be forever. Before parting was a step in the loneliness, regrets and memories of the past. The pain and emptiness that settled inside, I tried to drown out with work, alcohol, partying, travelling, new people…,” said Chekhov in Instagram.

      Speaking about the situation of parting, Chekhov maximum compiled it. In life, you have to say goodbye to many, I’m sure leading.

      “Separation is a natural process! With everything in this life must part! With loved ones who are leaving, or from which we leave, with his family, who are leaving to foreign countries or dying, with children, who sooner or later leave the nest! With things Pets, with friends, with your same habits, expectations and ambitions, youth, and dreams… And, in the end, with life itself,” — wrote Anfisa.

      It so happened that children are not taught how to do it, but this is a very important skill, convinced the star. And parents usually don’t tell their children about how to cope with the pain, if I experience a sense of loss. But to say goodbye to someone is a natural part of the life path of any person, considers Chekhov.

      “We are not taught in school how to survive a breakup, parents do not instill in us the idea that separation is an integral part of our existence, to become attached to anything, but say goodbye to having easy and loving, leaving, we are still in someone’s heart!.. I used to be afraid of breakups. Was afraid of the pain and anguish that is inevitable in this case. I now make a it happen. Like the rain, like a Blizzard, like a hurricane, like everything that is inevitable. I release our ship to the other coast… where There will be a new meeting, where we are waiting for someone very important and very necessary for our new experience! I live every parting in acceptance and love for all that once happened to us, and that, of course, with each of them individually will be!”, summed up the celebrity.

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