Тина Канделаки поведала о тайной любви Leading a happy married c head of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation rostec Vasily Brovko. Tina Kandelaki rarely puts pictures with her husband on social networks. The woman showed what they like to do together with my husband when they have free time at home.

      General Director of “Transaero” Tina Kandelaki rarely pleases subscribers of his “Instagrama” joint photos with her husband Vasily Brovko. For a long time a woman concealed a relationship with 29-year-old Director of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. The journalists ‘ questions about the beloved Kandelaki answered reluctantly, never mentioning the name of his chosen.

      The TV presenter revealed a new photo with her husband. For selfie made by Tina, you can see only part of the face of Basil, but attentive subscribers microblog woman immediately realized that the back of the woman is her husband. “Their combined love of food. When we are together, the food, as in Georgia this family appears by itself”, – has signed a frame Kandelaki.

      When Tina get a spare moment, she definitely spoils wife with delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine. According to the businesswoman, most of all she likes to cook kebabs, although she is not eating meat.

      By the way, Tina and Basil are also similar in their desire to be athletic and healthy. Spouses often attend fitness-club and sometimes even arrange a workout outdoors. The husband and wife are also nastoyaschimi fans of football together they watched all the matches that took place in the framework of the world Championship. Tina Kandelaki: “My husband is a fan of “Zenit”

      Kandelaki admitted that she had largely to adjust to the spouse, and also slightly change their habits, which she managed to acquire.

      “When you love something, never lose yourself, compromise for your sake. If to speak about me, it was a struggle. The struggle between the desire to change for a loved one – it seemed that the Transfiguration would give me a guarantee that I’ll always be with him, and the fact that you don’t need to change. And on the other hand, with age, it is important that adored you. A lot of questions,” said White in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      According to Kandelaki, because they Brovko worked for many years together, they found the approach to each other. Basil is beautifully cared for by a TV star, so she couldn’t resist. “He taught me a lot, and I am his. And he knows how to make me laugh,” said Tina.

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