Евгений Кузин раскрыл истинную причину ухода из «Дома-2» The perimeter of the hero of telestroke a completely different life. Evgeny Kuzin considers that fulfilled the main task of the “House-2”. Now the ex-member and his lover Alexandra Artemov other purposes.

      Eugene Kuzin for many years was one of the most popular members of the “House-2”. A young man during the time spent in the project managed to build a family with Margarita Agibalova, who bore him a son, and then divorce and find new love.

      On his final departure from the show, the man announced in June. Then he, along with his girlfriend Alexandra Artemov went to visit his son Mitya to Cyprus to the former wife, who lives with his family on the Mediterranean coast. Cousins admits that he was happy to take the decision to start a new life outside the perimeter. The man recalled how, in 2008, sat on Calvary, and then eight years later, this year, the same thing happened. Then Eugene realized that I need to change something.

      “We’re fine. We fulfilled the main task of the “House-2″ – built love. Withdrawal from the project was very deliberate, I wanted it. In 2008 I was sitting at a Calvary near Wenceslas, and in 2016, I also sat on Calvary with Wenceslas. I’m glad I made the decision to leave, and now my life is filled with bright colors, which I never noticed before,” admits cousins.

      Interestingly, now friend Eugene Alexander is in search of work. After the girl left the “House-2” with her beloved, she had no opportunity to earn money. He Kuzin holds corporate events and wedding events, it is the main source of income in the future family. The couple plan to get married, but has postponed the question indefinitely.

      However, the lovers found a financial opportunity to go on holiday to Cyprus. And the reason is significant – there spends the summer son of Eugene Mitya and his mother Margaret. And future ex-wives Cousin managed to get along on the island. And boy did friends with Alexandra.

      “I truly loved Mitya, and I am pleased that he treats me well. By the way, Zhenya and Rita develop friendships. Jack not only pays child support, but does not skimp on the gifts, helps the material to the extent possible, and Rita regularly sends pictures of his son and tells him how he’s doing”, says your aunt in an interview with “House-2”.

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