Tina Kandelaki showed the figure in a swimsuit

Тина Канделаки показала фигуру в купальнике
TV presenter summed up the year.

Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki, like many other stars, at the end of December brings the end of the year. One of the posts in the personal microblog TV presenter
devoted to his followers, posting a photo where she poses in
a bright red swimsuit.

“1.6 million readers by the end of the year… Thanks
all! I think, I charge you with optimism and belief that we are rulers
their destinies! In front of a very interesting time. A time of new discoveries,
artificial intelligence, robotics, and more that radically
change the world in which we were born. Pascoite and develop your emotional intelligence, you are very
will come in handy in the future world. As the good physical form! Thank you!”
— signed the First.

The compliments and adoration of the fans are not forced
a long wait. “Fire! Gorgeous! The bomb! Chiseled figure!” — wrote fans. Meanwhile, to please the fans so beautiful
the physical form of the 42-year-old star dedicates his time to sports and correctly
fed. Kandelaki often shows
fans excerpts of their training. And the other day she shared their
secret menu, helping it to fight against overweight.

It has long been known that
severe restrictions in food, like a glass of water and one grapefruit a day, are
solely to breakdowns, so the diet for the day must be
diverse. It is best to eat often, but small portions. Kandelaki
be sure to include in your menu fish, nuts and, since the sweet tooth allows
eat the chocolate. But everything is on schedule.

Tina starts with two glasses of water and exercise. This is followed by the first
Breakfast: granola with yogurt. Then, around 11 o’clock, second Breakfast,
consisting usually of cheese and 50 grams of nuts. Chocolate and sweet fruit she
eats only until 15 o’clock in the afternoon. For lunch Kandelaki prefers quinoa with
spinach and tuna for dinner and cutlets of lentils with tomatoes. In addition,
the presenter advises to go to sleep before 23 o’clock, then, she said, to sleep
to be missed and five hours.