Тимати и Лепс отметят Новый год вместе
The stars will give new year’s eve gala concert.

Photo: still from clip

New year for all artists is not a family holiday, and a great way to earn. Fees musical groups and individual performers on the night of December 31 to January 1 increase 10 times! Therefore stars usually change several venues during the festival.

But now Grigory Leps, Emin Agalarov and Timothy decided to give one concert on the same stage. In this regard, they invite all their fans to celebrate the New year in Crocus. Accordingly, all three will spend the holiday together.

Friendship such seemingly different characters before was surprising. Grigory Leps on stage for a long time, but now he has become a real “sharks” of show business. His songs shaukaut the first lines of the charts, and it has its own production centre and a team of mentees artists.

Emin Agalarov — the main heir to a business Empire, which was created by his father Araz Agalarov. Emin, too, is engaged in the business, and began to sing solely for my own pleasure. And immediately liked by the audience! Now, he is still a young artist, but promising. And to sing a duet with Agalarov has become prestigious for any star of show business.

Timothy began his career as a rapper on “star Factory-4” that was more than ten years ago. Today he is one of the most influential people in show business. He and his team Blackstar is a powerful label, the artists who immediately become stars.