Тина Канделаки открыла правду о своем секретном рационе
The presenter told us about what foods to allow her to stay slim.

Tina Kandelaki

Photo: @Instagram tina_kandelaki Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki knows everything about proper nutrition and effective training. With this knowledge, she’s 41 and retains the slim and trim figure, which are the envy of many younger colleagues telestar. Kandelaki often shows fans the fragments of his training. And the other day she shared their secret menu and it helps her to deal with excess weight.

It has long been known that strict dietary restrictions, like a glass of water and one grapefruit a day, lead only to a breakdown, so the diet for the day have to be diverse. It is best to eat often, but small portions. Kandelaki necessarily include in their menu fish, nuts and, since the sweet tooth, allows yourself to have the chocolate. But everything is on schedule.

Morning Tina starts with two glasses of water and exercise. This is followed by the first Breakfast: granola with yogurt. Then, around 11 o’clock second Breakfast, usually cottage cheese and 50 grams of nuts. Chocolate and sweet fruit she eats only until 15 o’clock in the afternoon. For lunch Kandelaki prefer kinoe with spinach and tuna for dinner and cutlets of lentils with tomatoes. In addition, the presenter advises to go to sleep before 23 o’clock, then, she said, for sleeping and will miss five hours.