Финансовый вопрос: Майли Сайрус поссорилась с женихом из-за брачного контракта

Love is good and magical, but modern life dictates its own rules – the financial issue is acute even among crazy people in love. Money singer Miley Cyrus has all chances to leave with the groom. The girl, whose condition is estimated in $ 160 million, decided to protect themselves and to conclude with her fiancé actor Liam Hemsworth prenuptial agreement. However, the guy took it as mistrust and disrespect. The young people got into a big fight and planned the wedding in jeopardy.

24-year-old Miley Cyrus is very depressed and worried. And all because of the reaction her fiance Linoma of Hemsworth on the text of the marriage contract. Girl madly in love with an actor and wants to marry him, but before an important event she took care of the safety of their big state. The singer also prescribed “sanctions” in case the marriage something went wrong and planned out the division of property in case of divorce. Between young Hollywood stars there was an unpleasant conversation. According to close friend Miley Cyrus, Liam saw a draft of the marriage contract, was furious. He refused to sign the agreement and accused her of selfishness. The actor was saddened by the distrust of the bride, supposedly he doesn’t love her and is after her money. As told by the insiders, Hemsworth yell at Miley, although this never shouted at her. Now Cyrus is struggling to make peace with a loved one.
In defense of Miley Cyrus say that she has something to lose in case of divorce. The state of the singer exceeds $ 160 million, but the Bank account for Liam Hemsworth just 16 million. Agree, there is a difference. Miley has long had a successful career and Hemsworth became famous recently, after the release of the franchise “the Hunger games”.
Recall that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engaged relationship in the 2009 film “the Last song”. The lovers announced their engagement, but in 2013 he parted ways with the scandal. After 2 years, Hollywood stars have understood that are created for each other and resumed relations.