Бывшую «Перчинку» заставили содержать экс-супруга
The judge did not believe the accusations against Mel b husband.

Mel B


Melanie brown who were once in the Spice Girls, suffered a crushing defeat in
court. In the network appeared the documents, according to which, Mel b was obliged to pay
ex-husband spousal support check. According to the decree signed by judge Lawrence P.
Riff, Melanie will now be forced to pay monthly the ex-husband Stephen
Belafonte at 40 thousand dollars. In
this amount Steven praised their “most necessary expenses” — food, housing, and
the payment for the phone.

This turn of events angered about shaken Melanie. The thing
the fact that she filed for divorce for very good reason. Spice girl accused
husband in the systematic beatings and betrayals. However, the judge did not believe the singer. “The court
considered the charges against Mr. Belafonte is that he has
used against it the physical strength, the result of which was injury — physical
and psychological nature. However, these injuries had been documented
properly. And Mr. Belafonte, for its part, categorically denies
of all the charges. Therefore, the court found it possible to grant the request of Mr.
Belafonte about the payment of spousal alimony…” — says the decision.

Melanie, as you say, just in shock. Not only that,
in 10 years of marriage, she had suffered a lot from her husband, now she also have
it contain! And this despite the fact that Stephen is not an ancient, and not disabled. He is
film producer, having their own income. Besides, as it turned out during the divorce
process, its finances are in a deplorable state. Once Mel b was
rich — her fortune was estimated at $ 50 million. But over the years, unreasonable
spending spouse spent all the money. And now on account of its claims
attorney Mel b, after tax, just over $ 1,000.

Them what
means Melanie will have to pay alimony? As pointed out by the counsel Belafonte, though
accumulation of the singer is really almost exhausted, she is currently all
there is a source of income — she is paid a fee as the participant of the TV show America’ Got Talent, where brown listed “judge”, and
gets 250 thousand dollars per month. However, there is a problem – the contract for
next season with her not yet extended …