Тина Канделаки намекнула на беременность Presenter and producer regularly reports to fans as he trains to maintain his body in good shape. Tina Kandelaki is actively engaged in the gym, observe proper diet and sleep. Recently, however, the celebrity has admitted that soon her figure changed dramatically.

Tina Kandelaki trains in the gym virtually every day. Presenter periodicheski publishes in the Network plan, a scheme in which engaged. However, Internet users often criticize the figure of the celebrity. Some believe that Tina just uses the tools that enhance its shape. Celebrities and then suggest to lose weight.

But all the same positive comments under the photos much more leading. Kandelaki recently published online a photo from a recent meeting with students. One of the fans wrote that she will never have her beautiful waist. Tina decided ambiguous reply fan.

“I find it difficult with the waist. And it will be even harder for 9 months,” said 42-year-old Kandelaki.

After answering Tina’s fans immediately suspected that she was in the family way or planning to have a third child.

Recall that Kandelaki is married for the second time. First spouse of a celebrity was a businessman Andrey Kondrakhin, artist, co-owner of the multidisciplinary clinic. In this Union Tina gave birth in 2000 to a daughter, Melania, and two years later the family presenter had a son Leonty. Despite the presence of two heirs, the couple broke up eight years ago.

The second time Kandelaki got married four years later. The chosen star became the owner of several large companies Vasily Brovko. Also the man is the Director of communications and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. In this marriage common children the couple yet.

Kandelaki sometimes shares with fans the secrets of how she manages to keep a wonderful and trusting relationship with the spouse. According to Tina, in the 21st century the institution of family has undergone significant changes. As suggested by TV presenter, husband and wife must work to save the marriage regularly. Kandelaki described my personal experience.

“We must find strength for constant development to be interesting to another person. Children together, a sofa and a cat is no stop. So, oddly enough, we must learn constantly, not only for career, but for family preservation. It so happened that in Russia, we women need to be leaders in this process. Working men evolve automatically, we also – to keep the family together, raise children and grow parallel to the satellite velocity. Difficult, but there is no choice if you don’t want to be alone,” shared Kandelaki.