Актер из «Последнего мента» оправдался за избиение жены Anatoly Naradov was at the center of the scandal. The man suspected in the brutal beating of civil wife Tatyana. Law enforcement officers find out circumstances of the incident, in fact the incident a criminal case was initiated.
Актер из «Последнего мента» оправдался за избиение жены

34-year-old Anatoly Naranov, who played a cameo role in the TV series “the Last COP”, “Street” and “denied!” appeared in the center of the scandal. Recently the artist was detained in Moscow on suspicion in beating of girlfriend Tatyana. The incident occurred on March 17 in an apartment in Road travel. According to some, Anatoly caused beloved a beating after a binge that lasted three days.

Naradeva neighbors heard screams and called the police. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers found that between Anatoly and his partner had a conflict. According to investigators, the actor raised his hand to the woman, and then disappeared. Naradeva detained a few days after the incident. Anatoly moved to a friend of his sister.

Актер из «Последнего мента» оправдался за избиение жены

During the conversation with law enforcement officers the man told his version of the incident. Footage taken by investigators, were in the possession of the program “emergency channel” NTV. According to Naradeva, he was unable to control myself as tipsy. For the same reason Anatoly didn’t call an ambulance Tatiana.

“At that moment I was already very drunk… She hit the wall and his head struck himself, and then twice kicked in the ribs. Then I went into the room and did not leave almost,” said the man.
Актер из «Последнего мента» оправдался за избиение жены

The victim was hospitalized in the clinical hospital named after Pirogov, and she was diagnosed with a number of injuries – concussion, traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, bruises and a left pneumothorax. The woman wrote a statement about the beatings. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated under article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Causing of heavy harm to health”).

It seemed that nothing boded trouble. Tatiana often shared in social networks joint photo with Anatoly and called him his husband. The man did beloved gifts, of what she described online. The feeling that relations Anatoly and Tatiana reigned idyll. “Not enough to be husband and wife. We still become friends and lovers, so you do not look for them on the side,” wrote a woman in November 2016. A few months later the beloved Naradeva updated the avatar, placing it on a picture together with the actor. “I’m behind him… And the calm” – shared it.

Now Naradeva future career at risk. It is known that Anatoly was not the last person on the set, he helped pick the actors, and in the last time and he periodically played the role.