Звезда «Дома-2» Николай Должанский проходит лечение от алкоголизма Ex-member of telestroke suffering from severe addiction. It became known that Nikolay Dolzhanskiy had to go to one of the narcological clinics of the capital. This was reported by his girlfriend Katya Bogdanov.
Звезда «Дома-2» Николай Должанский проходит лечение от алкоголизма

Notorious party “House-2” Nikolay Dolzhansky has repeatedly behaved inappropriately on telestroke. Besides, the man abused alcohol. After leaving the project, he continued to work at parties, where often there was a lot of temptation. He couldn’t resist and leaned on alcohol. Now, however, Dolzhansky decided to get rid of a serious addiction. He voluntarily went to a Moscow clinic.

Katya Bogdanova, girl Dolzhansky, visits him in medical facility. Journalists managed to talk to her and find out how he feels Nicholas.

“Nick really took a course of treatment. It insisted that’s me. Arguing with boyfriend a few weeks. Understand: the last time he drank too much and often could not control myself. If we do not pay attention to his health, I fear, will happen,” admitted Bogdanov.

Katya tries to maintain Nicholas, as intends to continue to build a relationship with him. They are faced with other problems lately. Dolzhansky and his fiancee want to move out of the apartment in which they live. The couple lives in the area of Marina grove in the capital. The wife of the brother of the ex-member of telestroke claim to this territory so often scandals.

“Brother can not affect the wife, as it is very soft and henpecked. Daughter in law accuses me, says I make a mess in the apartment, although it is a complete lie,” said Nicholas.

Recently, the daughter-in-law Dolzhansky lashed out with his fists at her, and then turned the matter so that the beloved actor allegedly beat her. Ex-reality show participant intends to defend their rights. Money to purchase apartments from Dolzhansky and Bogdanova yet, but it does not prevent them to be happy.

“I see Nicolae future husband and the father of my children, so I want to get rid of bad habits, lived happily ever after. I support a loved one. I’m sure he will succeed to overcome the addiction,” added Kate in conversation with the magazine “the House-2”.