Тина Канделаки назвала себя старой и собралась в деревню разводить кур

The name of Tina Kandelaki recently rarely appears in news bulletins. Most likely, the former star of TV, and nowadays the General producer and Deputy Director General of the sports editors of the holding “Gazprom-media”, just have limited free time, because prefers to spend it on a very pleasant procedure. For example, Kandelaki first time in a while began to sleep. His joy Tina was eager to share with followers on Instagram.

“Never believed in talking about what the city can sleep better. Now forced to accept. 5 hours of sleep and fit as a fiddle! Maybe it’s age? Can’t sleep, pull a vegetable garden to start, hotbeds, so to speak… Buy chickens, have an incubator, a life”, – joked the presenter.

Fans of the idea of country living Kandelaki relished. I wonder when Tina will acquire their first house in the village?

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