Dr. Luke accuses Kesha again in a lie

Доктор Люк снова обвиняет Кешу во лжи

The war between producer Dr. Luke and singer Kesha is far from complete. The actress recently appeared again in court to change the decision of the previous instance and terminated their contract. Kesha claims that her collaboration with Dr. Luke, more like legalized slavery. The girl says that during the years of cooperation the producer raped her, humiliated and forced to take drugs. The defendant, as before, argues that the statements ward made up.

29-year-old Kesha has decided to appeal the judge’s decision that condemned her to six albums with producer, whom she hates with all his soul. Recall that the previous trial ended in failure and tears of the singer – the judge found unconvincing the arguments of the actress and left the contract as it is. Then her scandalous statements about the systematic rape and humiliation outraged the world of show business. Colleagues Keshi has called for the dismissal of the producer and the termination of his contract with Sony. Fearing for his reputation, the company decided to listen and not to continue the contract in General a good producer.
“Slavery was over a long time ago..You can’t force someone to work for you without his will..” — the statement said Keshi.
“The court has repeatedly stated that Kesha is free to record the album without Dr. Luke. However, singer did not provide any evidence that supports her claim. This suggests that all statements of the plaintiff are false. It would be better this time, she spent in the recording Studio, and not waste it on scandals in the media” — the lawyer said producer Christina of Leper. The lawyer is sure that without Dr. Luke from Kesha the singer has no future, and therefore she now attracts the attention of constant scandals.
“When the legal red tape will remain in the past, its glory lost forever,” says Christina.
Now she grabs at every, even low-paid performance to stay afloat in financial terms.
Strange is the fact that the mother of the singer, aware of her constant humiliation and even rape (in her words) didn’t go to the police. As it turned out, she was afraid it would hurt the career of Kesha.

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