Алексей Панин сделал татуировку над интимным местом

Those who are not yet accustomed to the somewhat unusual behavior of Alexei Panin, the actor often commits acts that may cause mixed reaction of others.

New publication on the page of the actor in the social network is no exception.

Panin boasted before the subscribers a new tattoo. Okay, it was an ordinary photo of baptismal picture somewhere on the hand. For Alexei it would be too easy.

New tattoo actor is literally above his groin.

Алексей Панин сделал татуировку над интимным местом

As it turned out, for good reason: in the place of the Lotus previously occupied by another tattoo, which the actor has done in a drunken state and that he absolutely did not like.

“In place of Lotus used to have an old ugly tattoo, is recognized Panin. – I ten years wanted her gone, and Lotus will bring cleansing and revival”.

To bring the work to perfection, Alex had some time to sit down in a chair in the wizard.

By the way, Lotus flower of perfection, signifying life and death, rebirth and the pursuit of truth, spiritual growth and development, peace and tranquility. I wonder when Alex will begin to fully implement these items.

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